Yesterday we reported that Cardi B is looking to try and work things out with her husband Offset, after the two had a very public breakup back in December. It appeared as though the breakup ultimately delayed the release of Offset's solo album, while the two ended up seeing each other on and off during that time. Cardi B made sure to let us know that they weren't officially back, but now it really looks like they're making an effort. Their reconciliation progressed even further as TMZ caught up with Cardi B, where she was caught on FaceTime with Offset.

When TMZ's cameras caught up with her, they asked who she was speaking to and she replied "my significant other." Cardi seemed to have a huge grin on her face, which points to the two having a pretty positive relationship at this point.

Cardi has previously spoken on what Offset has done for her, saying: "There’s a lot of things that I feel like I can’t do, (but) m****rf****r (Offset) is like, ‘You can do everything and anything’ all the time. I never had nobody push me like that. It’s really good for me now to have somebody that just motivates me and lets me know every day like, ‘You can do anything, you just gotta set your mind (to it)."