While Cardi B may have adopted a rainbow-haired look reminiscent of 6ix9ine, she has yet to adopt his legal misfortune. Though Cardi previously found herself facing potentially serious legal consequences over her assault and reckless endangerment charges, it would appear that she'll be facing relatively smooth sailing. Though the Grammy-nominated Invasion Of Privacy rapper previously opted to shoot a "Twerk video" in favor of attending her courtroom obligations, it would appear Cardi has changed her outlook. TMZ reports that she showed up, ahead of schedule no less, to her court date today. 

Of course, the press were ready, swarming with cicada-esque cries of "Cardi! Cardi!" The rapper managed to make it to the courtroom unimpeded, but not before marveling at the unfolding brouhaha. "Am I this famous?" she ponders, to the rampant sound of cameras. TMZ later updated the situation, explaining that Cardi was released sans bail, as the judge did not, in fact, consider her to be a flight risk. However, the judge did lay down the law on the rapper, explaining that she was to avoid Baddie Gi and Jade at all costs, which naturally includes social media. 

Still, the case continues. Cardi will be appearing in court at some point next month, though it would appear that she's in a position to emerge victorious given these early developments.