Offset is among some of the biggest artists in the world and when you have a lot of success, you get a lot of money. For many artists, this allows them to afford some of the goods and services they weren't able to get when they were kids or young adults. When it comes to Offset specifically, he has used his hard-earned money to buy himself a whole brigade of vehicles, while also purchasing an obscene amount of sneakers.

The Father Of 4 rapper has consistently shown off his collection on social media, although recently, he had Cardi B in awe of just how many shoes he has. In the clip below, Offset leads Cardi into a massive walk-in closet that features nothing but neatly kept boxes full of sneakers. Cardi expresses her amazement at the collection, noting that it only represents about a quarter of what he actually owns. Offset eventually chimes in and confirms he has 3,200 pairs of shoes to his name.

Throughout the past couple of years, Offset has made sure to flex on Instagram whenever he gets an exclusive pair of shoes before they even release. This has led to some jealousy amongst sneakerheads although you really can't blame Offset for taking advantage of his status to get some limited shoes. Every sneakerhead would do so if they have the chance.

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Offset & Cardi B

Amy Sussman/Getty Images