Yesterday, Cardi B went off on a few different sources. Clearly, the entertainer was fed up with all of the constant reports on her name, spitting out false information on a regular basis. The star took some time to address some of the rumors you hear all the time about her. Of course, one of the most frequent gossip conversations about Cardi B has to do with her beef against Nicki Minaj. It was reported yesterday by TMZ that the "Bodak Yellow" rapper would be delivering a scathing diss track as one of her next singles, which she ended up dispelling before announcing her real track is called "Money," releasing in late October. Later on the same day, Bardi decided to go off on another rant. This time, her target was one of her former makeup artists.

"I'm gonna bring up this topic again because that shit get me fucking tight," started the singer. "About this motherfucking makeup artist saying I was disrespectful and shit cause she did a shitty ass job and I told her to leave. I didn't disrespect her, I told her to leave." The performer goes on to say she's thankful she didn't engage in a conversation with the glam squad member since she's "the type of people [she] gotta watch out for." 

Cardi says the makeup artist has been going on rants about the situation, sharing photos of the work she did. For the record, Cardi maintains the fact that the artist made her look ugly even after she shared the photos. 

Cardi B's new single is dropping October 26.