Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (Y2K Remix)

  August 21, 2017 14:15
Bodak Yellow (Y2K Remix)
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Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" gets the remix treatment.

In case you hadn't heard (and we're not sure how that's the case if so), Cardi B has the smash hit of the summer on her hands with "Bodak Yellow." It's ascent through the Billboard Hot 100 chart has been swift and unprecedented, certainly when you consider other songs by female emcees, for someone this new to the game. As it becomes a more recognized club banger, it's only natural that producers and DJs will be releasing their own remixes and edits of the track, which in turn will help Cardi's profile grow even bigger. Today, Y2K has come out with his own spin on the successful track and it definitely brings the fire.

Billing himself as a "professional sellout" on his Soundcloud page, Y2K offers up a slice of distorted brilliance with his "Bodak" remix. Featuring plenty of bass-mangling and synth sweeps, this is the rework that should bring more attention to Cardi's track in the dubstep, trap and electro spheres. The drop has some major bite to it as well, building off the original but making it more intense and potentially even more urgent-sounding than the original, which rap's current princess dominated with her sharp flow and engaging delivery.

Much of those vocals have been left intact, un-f**ked with for the most part, which, in this case, is probably the right way to go. It gives those who are familiar with the track a different spin on a known commodity and also retains the best qualities of original song for those who might stumble upon this as their introduction to Cardi and what she brings to the table. Could this open up the door for more DJ-based collabs for the rapper down the road, just as Nicki Minaj has done before her with the likes of David Guetta? It's probably to early to tell one way or the other, but this remix is sharp and on-point. Kudos to Y2K.

Quotable Lyrics

I go to dinner & steak
Only the real can relate
I used to live in the P's
Now it's a crib with a gate
Roly got charms, look like frosted flakes

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