After successfully releasing an all-purpose album for the ages, Cardi B is done answering questions concerning her legitimacy as an artist. There is a misogynist tendency to invalidate she posted while teetering on the edge of stardom. Many rap fans still paint her like a caricature drawing, the likes of which see weekly on Love & Hip Hop pulling hair out of seams. One Instagram user posing as a fan caught the wrong end of the stick when they insisted Cardi owed her career to her parent label. The Bronx rapper didn't just reply with a minor quip, she posted a paragraph bordering on the character limit of the comment section. 

Cardi B did more than necessary, helping the user reorient their perception of the "problem." She claims she had to beg Atlantic for airplay, because before Bodak Yellow along, they were unconvinced she would catch on outside NY. Cardi reminded the "fan" that even with all the product placement in the world, it was her infectious charm that did her bidding. There are plenty of rappers with solid backing that never caught on: Troy Ave immediately comes to mind, no shade.

Think again before you question Cardi B's legitimacy, you'll get an earful.