Early yesterday morning Cardi B was kicked out of the Hilton Albany in Albany, New York, after she was allegedly smoking marijuana and being too loud in her room. The hotel staff confronted her, where she made a loud exit through the hotel lobby calling a security personnel a "racist motherf*****."

Since the event, Da Minority Report LLC (@da_minorityreport) shared a few pictures on Instagram that shed some light on some longstanding issues the hotel has been dealing with. The photos uploaded not only show a picture of the incident report filed on Cardi's hotel kick-out but also shows details on a rejected request from staff asking for protection against discrimination.

The workers of the Albany hotel chain have a website that shares updates on the "worsening labor dispute" that staff, more specifically housekeepers, banquet and restaurant workers, bell persons and engineers are going through.

Cardi B shared a screenshot of the post to her Instagram (that she has since deleted moments after sharing) that had the caption, "Mhhhhhhmmm do I see boycott from the Hilton Albany employees do to discrimination?oooo but I was exaggerating and lying right and I was just trying to use the race card🙄yea w.e." 

Only time will tell if Cardi follows up with the hotel chain on her inappropriate removal. We'll keep you guys updated on any and all happenings.