There's something about Cardi B's vintage photos that keeps everybody laughing their faces off. While the most obvious photo has become one of the month's greatest memes, replacing Jay-Z on a jet ski as the top rap-related meme of the summer, Cardi just keeps on sharing more photos of herself as a tot, keeping the laughs coming. While none of them will likely steal the OG photo's shine, the new mom keeps on providing baby photos for us all to enjoy on Instagram.

The latest shows Bardi posing for a school picture with the rest of her class, interlocking her fingers and awkwardly smiling for the shot. Commenters are already prepared for the inevitable too as many are making way for the memes that will undoubtedly be created from this photo. We can't help but notice the hilarious disgust in the face of the girl standing next to Cardi either as she does not seem down to be included in the photoshoot.

Cardi and Offset have been making an effort to keep their baby Kulture out of the media, refraining from posting any images of her and refusing to sell the first photos of her to the media. With her debut album being titled Invasion of Privacy, it's no surprise they've decided to go this route. Offset was recently arrested for possession of a firearm and, after being released on bail, Cardi said that he is not on probation as it was previously believed.

Get to meme-making, ladies and gentlemen. This is the gift that keeps on giving.