Often, certain random tweets or social media messages will get grabbed by a blog, and soon, it's gone viral. Most of the time it can be something about relationships, romances, workplaces, or anything that can get the general public talking and sharing their opinions, and such was the case with a controversial tweet from a woman whose identity was hidden by several outlets.

Hollywood Unlocked reposted the woman's message that read, "My Daughter Does Not Come Before My Husband IDC [shrug emoji][one hundred emoji]." Soon, thousands of people jumped in their comments to disagree, but one stood out from the rest as Cardi B made her voice heard.

Cardi B, Kids
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

The mom of two-year-old Kulture Cephus wasn't fond of the message and commented that parents like this end up not believing their children when allegations of abuse arise against their partners. "And these be the b***** that god forbit they daughters get molested by their 'husband' 'boyfriend' they won't believe them their kids, take their words and will hate their daughters cause of the truth and the men be knowing that and take advantage."

People widely agreed, especially mothers who stated that their kids come before anyone else. Check out the post, along with Cardi's response, and let us know if you agree.