Cardi B and Offset are obviously back together and it was all very evident when the rapper pulled her man on stage during her post-Valentine's performance that took place a couple days back. Since yesterday was Valentine's Day for real, Offset went all out for his leading lady and showered her with expensive food, a bubble bath and tons of new diamonds. 

In the clip below you can see just how comfortable Offset and Cardi B really are since she filmed him walking in on her using the bathroom and at one point he even makes fun of her for the smell - wow. 

Not too long ago, Cardi chatted with Good Morning America about Offset and where they are in their relationship. "I think we're gonna be alright," she said about her marriage. "You know, you got to take it slow." The couple reportedly purchased two Georgian homes last month as an investment so it's clear they are still thinking about their future together and how they'll continue to secure the bag.