Cardi B fans have been waiting for a major announcement from the superstar, which many believed could have been the arrival of her second child with Offset. When she posted a new picture on Instagram, many of her supporters thought that the reveal had finally arrived, but they instantly realized that they were wrong, mistaking Cardi's bum for her belly.

"I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE ANNOUNCEMENT I MOVED," wrote a member of BardiGang on her Instagram. The picture that caught everyone off-guard shows Offset's hand grabbing hold of his wife's tattooed booty. However, the image is very zoomed in, and much of her fanbase believed they were looking at the Migos rapper caressing a baby bump. "I thought this was a pregnant belly," added a second commenter.

The reaction was loud enough for the Bronx-based rapper to respond, joking with fans. "Not me posting a picture on IG of Set grabbing my ass cheek and people in the comments thinking he touching a pregnant belly," she tweeted. "Sexy mission fail."

Even her caption on the shot had nothing to do with pregnancy, writing, "Can’t wait to get home ....HornyHyena."

Needless to say, the people appear to be hungry for Cardi B news. Her sophomore studio album is expected to release this year, and the world seems to want a second child for the couple. Do you think this may spark something in them?