Cardi B and Offset were spending their Christmas Day fielding a whole bunch of Internet rumors about their relationship and, more specifically, the fidelity of her future husband. Yesterday, we reported about the alleged preview that is floating around someplace of a sex tape that stars the Migos front man - a tape that Cardi is said not to be involved in. However, as luck would have it, the couple took to Instagram live to respond to those rumors in the most hilariously raunchy fashion.

Both rappers were seen simulating a sex session while broadcasting live on the social media app. While the couple look to be actually doing it in real time, closer inspection of the video footage reveals that this is just dry humping. Both rappers are indeed fully clothed. You can check out this semi-titillating experience below.

Later on, Cardi and Offset chilled together for the camera, while the "Bartier Cardi" empress detailed how her mother was a "traitor" and let Offset walk into her crib without warning. No shower, makeup, or anything like that. What is a girl to do... 

Seriously though, these two posts should not only get people talking about them, but also squash the rumors of any cheating scandal that has broken them apart as a couple. As far as we can tell, they're still very much the same two people who cooed at each other in the wake of getting engaged onstage while performing a live show together.

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