After such a turbulent year, Cardi B is taking a step back to reflect on how she became one of the biggest names in music. Being crowned in her new interview with Rolling Stone as the "new princess of hip-hop," she has a lot to live up to. Being critiqued for her every move, Bardi has her fiancé Offset to support her, keeping her level-headed when things get crazy. Offset is more experienced in the industry, coming up with his Migos family nearly a decade ago, giving a good foundation for Cardi to build on. With the couple just about ready to welcome to their first child into the world, the power duo sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss everything that's been going on.

Introducing the two as a "hip-hop love story," Rolling Stone profiles the Migos member and his fiancée for their July cover. The photo used was already revealed last week but now, their feature is ready to read after being published online. The stars discuss everything from how they found out they were expecting a child, deciding whether or not to keep said child, and how they plan to raise their daughter. Offset is already a parent and he likely has some tricks up his sleeve but Cardi is new to the rodeo and she will be learning as she goes.

The baby is due soon but the "Bodak Yellow" songstress is still hustling, showing up to perform with the Migos a few days ago. Check out behind-the-scenes footage of their photo shoot below and read the full feature here, and check out some highlighted topics culled from the cover story below.

Cardi B on their relationship and gossip:

"People want to make fun of me, saying I'm the fourth baby mom," but "I know I'm not having a baby with a shitty-ass man." 

Offset on their time spent together:

"We work. With a day off, we'll be in bed all day, just enjoying each other's company. It ain't about going to no movie, no dinner, nothing. We can go eat McDonald's or Wendy's. She might want a chocolate Frosty." He adds, "We done so much bizarre shit with each other – rings and cars and chains. We got that out of the way."

Cardi B on her Childish Gambino-Donald Glover gaffe/realization:

"When you look for him on Apple, his covers are not his face, so how the fuck am I supposed to know him?" she says today of Gambino. "Everybody's judging me and calling me stupid, and it's like" – here comes the heavy Caribbean accent – " ‘Fuck ya, leave me alone.' "

Cardi B on bringing her baby on tour with her:

"What I envision is my tour bus has my own personal room, and I just want to be with my baby," she says. "Only time I don't have my baby with me is when I'm getting my hair done, makeup done, performing." She adds, dreamily, "I don't want to miss one second. I don't want to miss no smiles, I don't want to miss no new movement, I don't want the baby to confuse me and the babysitter."