Just yesterday, Cardi B and Missy Elliott sought comfort in each other's Tweets about anxiety. The younger of the two rappers started things off by stating that she was having a tough mental health day, with her Tweet suggesting that anxiety was getting the best of her, with little respite in sight. Upon taking notice of the Tweet, Missy Elliott herself a mentorlike to many current rappers - Cardi B alike, offered her younger contemporary a message of empathy to help her go along with her day.  

Elliott responded by posting, "Many people deal with this… i am one… it’s real." She would later add the following to help Cardi feel less alone in her struggle, "Yes it is a lot and I have things that trigger mines…it’s scary at times." And to Cardi B's surprise, Missy Elliott's showing of support would elicit a host of other public figures to come forward as well - with comedian Sarah Silverman commenting, "You got this. Just exist, You’ll come out the other side I promise."

More than a few social media commenters offered "weed" or "CBD oil" as a suggested relaxant, but the BX rapper seemed the least bit inclined to give those remedies a try. “That will give more anxiety and make me very very paranoid," Cardi responded. Cardi's revelation of a battle with anxiety comes on the heels of her grandiose appearance at the Super Bowl, where she was named the unofficial queen of the event.