A day hasn't gone by this week without Cardi B making a headline. Not in a bad way, but her recent success feels like a win for all. She celebrated "Bodak Yellow" finally hitting number one on the Billboard Hot 100 while simultaneously revealing that the chart topping song had also been certified platinum by RIAA standards. Mind you, the success also came with a bit of hate but Cardi was quick to brush it off. There's not really any reason to pay any mind to negativity when there's a sea of people who stand with you in celebrating your accomplishments. Today, it was announced that she's teamed up with transportation network, Lyft, for a special surprise this weekend to celebrate her recent success.

Lyft and Cardi B took to Twitter today to unveil that they'd be linking up to offer fans a special surprise next time they order an Lyft. All you need to do is use the code "BardiGang." The tweet read, "Hey Cardi B fans! Excited to see @iamcardib top the charts? If you're in NYC, use code “BardiGang” in the Lyft app and watch what happens." She later quoted the tweet and said "Ride wit me on @lyft NYC!! Use code 'BardiGang'" After putting in the code, you'll find Cardi's face on a platinum record as well as her wild nail art as the graphic of your requested Lyft vehicle. The offer is set to run from September 29th to October 1st.

Lyft and Cardi B aren't the only ones celebrating the success of "Bodak Yellow." Her latest single has also been helping people along the way whether it's done intentionally or not. Cardi B's dentist recently hit TMZ to reveal that a line off of "Bodak Yellow" has helped her triple in business. "Since the song ‘Bodak Yellow,’ that just went No. 1 this week, things have been incredible. Just this week, I've gotten so many calls, because people actually wonder 'Who is Cardi B's dentist?' Business has literally tripled," she told them. 

It's surprising what the strength of a single can do.

Check out the tweets below: