Cardi B continues to shoot her way to the top of the hip-hop food, parlaying the success of her track "Bodak Yellow" into the warm reception that has greeted her new single, "Bartier Cardi." Spitting some rapid-fire bars with no small amount of panache, Cardi has proven, to her fans at least, that she's no one hit wonder. With that in mind, are we about to see some high-profile collabs line up to work with her in the near future?

It may be too early to tell, but the rapper has already hinted at one female artist that she may have something in the works with: Kehlani. Cardi reposted some social media love that the "Already Won" singer sent her way, captioning the post with, "My beautiful baeeelaaaniii 😍😍Thank you for showing Bartier cardi some love @kehlani." You can check out the entire post below.

There was one line in particular, however, that caught the attention of her fans more than anything else: the part at the end where she says, "I can’t wait till." Til what exactly? Until they have the chance to work together, or until they drop an already-recorded something on the masses? There has been no other hints at a Cardi-Kehlani collab in the music industry until now, but on paper, this is a joint venture that makes sense for both involved. 

Would you be psyched for a track featuring these two stars? Or are their styles too different to make work in a harmonious fashion on a record? Sound off in the comments.