The past few years have seen an uprising of Latin singers, rappers, and artists who have crossed over into American and Worldwide musical fame. Every year, those artists are honored at the Latin Billboard Awards, and this year featured some very special performances from two popular Latin-American artists: Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez.

Cardi B took the stage with Ozuna, a Puerto Rican reggaeton and trap singer, to perform their 2017 collaboration, "La Modelo." No longer exhibiting any shyness about her pregnancy, Cardi came through in a skin-tight pink dress and hit some sweet dance moves. This was her penultimate performance before her break from touring, so she made sure to bring her very best performance. 

Cardi went to Instagram afterwards to thank the Latin Billboard Awards for her performance, and the video features a special appearance from Offset, who speaks a bit of Spanish and wastes no time in showing off all his ice, much to Cardi's dismay.

Jennifer Lopez, while not nominated for any awards that night, also came through to debut a brand new song, "El Anillo." Her performance was very elaborate, with Lopez wearing a jewel covered bodysuit, and featuring gold-plated gentlemen spinning around a massive hoop for Lopez to dance in. She's clearly going for some kind of empress vibe with this performance. 

As for the awards themselves, the dominating winners were Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Beiber for their hit song "Despacito," which was literally impossible to escape from all of last year.

Check out some snippets from Cardi and Lopez's performances below.