Following the television premiere of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's multi-platinum single "WAP" at the Grammy Awards, right-wing conservatives, including Candace Owens, began to have a fit on social media. Accusing Cardi and Megan of "ruining American society" and "glorifying prostitution" among other things, conservatives clearly did not learn to enjoy "WAP" months after initially whining and complaining about the song. 

Candace Owens and Cardi B have been going back and forth on Twitter as a result, bashing one another disrespectfully while thousands watched on. We've kept track of their online battle so far and after a day of war, it looks like "Candy" and Cardi might be headed to court.

After Candace tweeted about Cardi B "shoving [her] vagina into [Megan's] vagina" while performing, the rapper reminded Owens about a rumor that was going around a few months ago that the political commentator's husband had cheated on her with her own brother. Owens says the tweet, in which she allegedly admits to her husband's infidelity, was edited and she's willing to go to court for defamation.

"That is clearly a photoshopped tweet," said Candace Owens. "Only one of us has a husband that sleeps around." Candace went on to accuse Cardi of hiring a team to photoshop the tweet, despite it being passed around in viral fashion a few months ago. "This wasn’t photoshopped you was trending the whole day when you tweeted this and it was published on a lot of blog outlets," said Cardi. "Your right mine sleeps around yours sleeps at yours sleep at your home with your brother C*CK BOXING while you tweet me."

Candace was clearly offended by the fact that this tweet was mentioned, giving her one more chance to let it go before threatening to sue, but it looks like things may be headed in that direction regardless. "You want to admit you lied now, or get sued so I can expose you as a liar? I win either way," said Candace. When a fan told her to just quit tweeting and file a lawsuit, she said she was ready to do so. "Yes. Just spoke with my family. I am 100% suing Cardi for that nonsense," she said. "You can’t just start throwing out wild lies against private members of my family because you’re upset someone called your out on your degenerate performance."

Cardi B says she's going to counter-sue.

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