The past few months have been rough for hip hop's favorite NYC strip club, Love & Lust. Towards the end of May, the owner of Club Lust filed a $125M lawsuit against the NYPD for allegedly unfairly targeting his club after it was shuttered. Many people, including 50 Cent and Cardi B, showed support for the owner in the middle of his issues. Unfortunately, the local community board voted against the club getting a new liquor license on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night, Community Board 7 voted against any efforts made by Club Lust owner to apply for a renewal for their liquor license, New York Post reports. The board's public safety committee was against the club receiving a renewal by 7-1, although three members decided not to vote.

“There were a number of folks who came in from the community,” the board district manager, Jeremy Laufer said. "Most, I would say, voiced opposition to this business receiving a liquor license.”

The thing is, the community's board doesn't have the final say in this situation. Ultimately, the State Liquor Authority makes the decision whether the establishment can apply for a liquor license renewal, but the community's say does have a lot of weight in the situation. Laufer said that they will now pass on the board's vote tally to the State Liquor Authority.

Eric Sanders, lawyer for Club Lust, is getting ready to fight getting them a new license.

"They have no authority,” he said of the board. “They can’t deny anything. The only thing they can do is give an advisory opinion that’s not binding on anyone.”

Both 50 Cent and Cardi B showed support for Lust when it shut down. The club was a joint that Cardi used to actually work at back in the day. As for 50, he seems to just be a loyal patron.