Cardi B dropped a Funk Flex-size bomb on the world when news broke out that she had filed for divorce from Offset. The pair have been married for three years, though their relationship has certainly hit highs and lows in the public eye. New details emerged shortly after the initial news broke of their divorce revealing that Cardi B was filing for primary custody Kulture and was seeking child support from Set.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Cardi B has filed new documents amending these requests, saying that she's seeking an "amicable resolution." Apparently, Cardi had no idea that her lawyer filed documents making the divorce appear to be so problematic. Sources close to the rapper clarified that she doesn't want tension with Offset in the midst of the divorce and wants him to have joint custody. Cardi is hoping that they'll have a cordial co-parenting situation. She later reached out to her lawyer who amended the documents.

Cardi also amended the divorce papers to reflect that she's not looking for child support. The official documents ask the court to grant them whatever agreement they reach on the arrangement, adding that Cardi "reiterates her desire for an amicable resolution."

At this point, Offset hasn't responded to the divorce petition. We'll keep you posted if he does.