Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson have not shied away from showcasing their mutual adoration towards one another. The two starlets routinely take to social media to document their time spent together, with sneaky paparazzi catching the pair during more private outings. 

Inevitably, tabloids and gossip blogs have been reporting that both these models-turned-actresses have been engaged in a romantic relationship with one another. However, when viewing either Jackson or Delevingne's intimate social media posts, one may assume that the two public figures are more than just friends. 

Recently, Jackson and Delevingne were spotted out in New York City together wearing similar ensembles as they perused the streets with one another. This public outing comes shortly after Jackson posted a story on Instagram showcasing her newest tattoo of a British flag on the small of her back. The daughter of the late King of Pop inked herself in order to show an affinity towards her squad of British pals, as Delevingne is seen in the snap affectionately kissing that area. 

While the pair have not commented on their relationship status, actions are beginning to speak louder than words.