It's been five months since Thanos snapped away half of the galaxy, and Marvel fans have been eager for the next chapter in the MCU. An after credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War hinted at the arrival of Captain Marvel, who will be the most powerful hero in the MCU when she arrives. Her powers, and her story, are integral to defeating Thanos, so the excitement for her imminent appearance has only grown as the days have passed by. Finally, Marvel has released the first trailer for Captain Marvel, and it looks intense. 

In the trailer, which debuted on Good Morning America, Carol Danvers already has her powers. It appears that she has some kind of memory lapse, because Danvers reveals to Nick Fury that she remembers a life on Earth, but can't fully piece it together. Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is de-aged over twenty years for the film, and his young face makes the film really feel like it takes place in the 90's. The shape-shifting Skrulls appear to confuse and enslave the human race, and it looks like things will get tricky. One scene of Danvers punching an old lady on a train hints at the kind of manipulative, and possibly hilarious, action we will see once Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.