Captain Marvel is set to arrive in theaters in about a month, but fans are eager for any nugget of new information. They are in luck. An international trailer for Captain Marvel touched down in Russia, and of course, eager Marvel fans got their hands on it over here. The trailer is filled with many of the same scenes we've already watched in the American version, but one important piece has been added to the puzzle. In the international trailer, Nicky Fury's beeper gets highlighted in a scene with Captain Marvel. The footage is in Russian, but it appears that Captain Marvel requests the pager from Fury after learning of its purpose. 

The pager in question was featured in the last scene of Avengers: Infinity War. After Nicky Fury watches Agent Hill turn to dust in front of him, he panics and runs to grab the pager. As Fury turns to dust himself, the pager connects to Captain Marvel on the other end. Exactly how a pager could work across the universe is anybody's guess, but maybe Captain Marvel is closer to Earth than we may think. Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige has already revealed that she is the most powerful hero they have placed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to this point, which means she'll be essential in ending Thanos.