He may be down, but he's not out. Kanye West was recently suspended from his favorite micro-blogging platform after he reportedly shared the personal phone number of a Forbes journalist. In an interview with Nick Cannon, West called the publication his "favorite White supremacists," and he dubbed the writer with the same title when airing out his personal information. The move goes against Twitter's doxxing policies, so West is now on a forced hiatus from the social media platform. However, that doesn't mean his famous friends don't have his back.

Kanye West has a strange relationship with controversial far-right author Candace Owens, and while their friendship hit a rocky patch years ago, it seems that they're in a better place. It was back in 2018 when West accused Owens of using his name to peddle her t-shirts, causing the rap mogul to take a step back from the political arena. Here we are years later and Ye has not only involved himself in politics, but he's running for President of the United States. 

With Kanye unable to tweet to his heart's content, Candace Owens has shared a brief message on behalf of the Yeezy mogul. "Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods. #FreeKanye." She didn't offer up any other information about Ye's Twitter ban, but we're sure he'll be back sooner than later.