Candace Owens seemingly doesn't have anything kind to say about people who identify as non-binary, sharing a bigoted take on the gender identity on Twitter. 

Known for speaking her mind and attacking the left on social media, right-winged conservative commentator Candace Owens has stirred the pot with yet another ignorant take online, saying that people who announce their pronouns as "they/them" are just showing that they have "poor grammar."

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

"Announcing that your pronouns are they/them is just poor grammar," she tweeted on Wednesday evening. "I don’t care your reasons—please stop trying to make low academic achievement a thing."

Almost immediately after she shared her thoughts, Candace's name popped up in the trending topics on the microblogging platform with thousands of people reacting to it. Much of the response has come from those who are offended by her uneducated stance, wondering if Candace has ever had a productive conversation with a non-binary individual to actually argue her point. 

Owens tweeted this on the same day that news broke of singer Demi Lovato announcing that they changed their pronouns to "they/them" after coming out as non-binary. Demi identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community-- it's her prerogative to identify however she wants. Candace, who does not identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, has no reason to be so bothered about this.

Recently, Instagram added a feature where users can easily state their pronouns on their account, allowing people to choose from dozens of choices, including "they/them." 

Check out some reactions to her tweet below.