An accusation made by a former Illinois state representative against Candace Owens isn't sitting well with the right-wing political pundit. To prove that President Donald Trump does have a solid following of Black supporters, hundreds of people gathered outside of the White House days ago for Owens's "BLEXIT Back the Blue" gathering. Owens has been leading the "BLEXIT" movement, urging Black people to abandon the Democratic Party. 

Candace Owens shared footage from the event to her Twitter page and it caught the attention of former Illinois state representative, Helen Walsh, wife to former presidential candidate Joe Walsh. "All these 'peaceful protestors' bought and paid for by Trump and the $ he’s laundered to Candace Owens’ BLEXIT org," Helen Walsh tweeted about the BLEXIT rally.

Owens didn't take too kindly with the accusation that she's using her organization for underhanded deeds. "Just sent this tweet to our lawyers. You should know I’m not one to play with," Owens responded. "Accusing @blexit of accepting laundered money from a sitting President is almost as insane as your husband running for President. Almost." Walsh has not publicly rescinded her accusation.