Just a few days ago, Donald Trump was boasting to the U.S. troops about his Christmas cameo in the sequel to the iconic 90s film, Home Alone. Indeed, although it happened pretty quickly, Donald Trump made a cameo in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and he mentioned the film as one of his favourite Christmas movies for that reason. "A lot of people mention it every year, especially around Christmas. They say – especially young kids – they say, ‘I just saw you on the movie.’ They don’t see me on television as they do in the movie. But it’s been a good movie and I was a little bit younger, to put it mildly. And it was an honour to do it," he shared via Deadline

Such boasting became the source of all jokes when folks found out that the Canadian television network CBC cut off Trump's cameo from their version of the movie altogether. And in a recent update, CBC has explained why by indicating that Trump's appearance in the film was cut for time purposes. Precisely, they had to cut out any scenes which did not "integral to the plot" and Trump's cameo was one of them.