Another year, another OVO Fest. At least that's how it is if you're the highly successful rapper/singer, Drake who recieved 300 grand in government funding for this year's festival. The grant comes from the Celebrate Ontario program brought to you by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. For a frame of reference, this is the same amount of funding recieved by the Toronto International Film Festival and the Stratford Festival.

This is making some Canadians (and others) pretty angry as a rapper who famously raps about how much money he make hand over fist to receive government assistance drawn from a finite source. Simply put, Drake's getting money that someone else could to subsidize his festival.

To be fair, the festival is sure to bring in some major tourism dollars as, after all, even Outkast is set to perform, in addition to Drake and his crew. But that does little to abate the anger of some, like this fine young Canadian below.

Or this young lady:

We'd show you thousands of more examples, but you get the picture. OVO Fest comes this August and will hopefully be dope enough to make everyone forget just how much money made this possible.