For the first time, Cam'ron sat down with Ebro Darden for his Hot 97 show, Ebro in the Morning. The Harlem emcee is readying the release of Purple Haze 2, so it was only fitting that he make his way over to the popular station to chat it up about his career. While there, Ebro asked about his dating life following the news that his girlfriend, Tawasa Harris, had passed away

Kevin Kane / Stringer /Getty Images

"I dated her years ago," Cam'ron explained of the history of their relationship. "She put up a picture of my son on Twitter, this is pre-Instagram, it's just Twitter, and my baby mom is real serious about her and my son's privacy at that time. So, I cold turkied her. I just stopped f*ckin' wit' her, period." He explained that there were some women saying that they were with Cam, so in order to prove that she and Cam were in a relationship, Tawasa shared the photo of his son.

"I deaded her for 10 years, it was over," the rapper recalled. "So, when my son turned 18, I spoke to her. She had just got out of a relationship, I got out of a relationship, and we'd been f*ckin' around for the last year-and-a-half." While that relationship was something that he kept private, fans watched as he and his ex JuJu lived their lives out loud.

When asked if he's ever have a public relationship again, Cam'ron said, "I don't know. I doubt it." He added, "Thing is, when I was doing the relationship with JuJu, nobody knew Instagram was gonna be the monster it turned out to be. It was all fun and jokes and taking pictures and everything else. It was all playful."

Then, Instagram changed how people were able to secure contracts and deals. He used that to market their relationship, but the rapper realized that once the relationship was over, people feel the need to pick sides. "It starts gettin' messy because if you got a phone, you got an opinion," he said. Watch the interview in full below to hear some gems from the New York rapper.