Cam'ron and Reebok have just launched their second Reebok Ventilator collab, aka the "Pink Monday" Fleebok 2, and we had a chance to sit down with Cam himself to talk about a variety of topics including the new Killa Pink Ventilator Supremes. 

Releasing on #PinkMonday, the pink-sueded Ventilators come housed in a special edition Dipset box and will be dropping alongside a pair of pink camo Stance socks bearing the Diplomats logo on the calf. 

The limited edition sneakers, which you can check out in the gallery above, are currently available at, but that's not all that we spoke with Cam'ron about. 

Check out our Q&A with Killa Cam below where he talks about current NBA sneakers, Porzingis and the Knicks, and his thoughts on a potential Mayweather vs. McGregor mega fight. 

HNHH: Why did you choose the Reebok Ventilator as your collaborative sneaker? What's that creative process like?
Cam: "To be honest, to make another sneaker this year, to catch the date, it had to be Ventilator or another style sneaker and I liked the Ventilator as opposed to the other option they gave me. And the first [Ventilator collab] was so successful that I was like why not do this again?"
"We could've done a sneaker that wasn't a Ventilator, but it wouldn't have come out this year. They give the sneaker to me and they give me different color schemes and I just "O.K" which ever ones I like best."
HNHH: Is there going to be a trilogy to go along with the Purple Haze and Killa Pink joints?
Cam: "We'll see, I haven't talked to 'em about it yet we're still focusing on this one, but hopefully. I'm not sure that it would be a Ventilator but we could come out with another one if this one's successful."
HNHH: When are we getting that Killa Cam x Reebok Question?
Cam: "I don't think you should touch greatness, and Allen Iverson's great. Being as this was the 20th anniversary of that sneaker they got a lot of different people from Teyana Taylor to Jadakiss to design different Iversons, so I don't think they should be touched beyond that."
HNHH: Are you a fan of any current NBA sneakers? I feel like basketball sneakers have fallen of as compared to the 90s and 2000s.
Cam: "Yeah, I agree with you as a whole. But I got LeBrons, I got KDs, so I stay up to date with everything but I dont get the same feeling as when I was younger."
"But the thing is also, you would have to ask a kid who's 15 years old how they feel. Before Came Newton or Steph Curry who was wearing Under Armour?"
"You know, I was doing some homework on that and everybody had a jump in sales like Nike had a jump in sales, Adidas had a jump in sales, but Under Armour had a 123% jump in sales. That's ridiculous. You got two of the main sports in America and you got both MVPs in both sports. With them two [Newton, Curry] being the best in their sport and their both signed to Under Armour it's not a big mystery why they're doing so well."
HNHH: What do you think of the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis? 
Cam: "To be honest, I don't put to much focus or emphasis on the Knicks because I haven't been alive to see a championship... and Knicks fans are delusional. You know what I'm saying, are you a Knicks fan?"
(I answer, yes)
"See how you thinkin like, 'Oh we gonna transition to Porzingis being the man.' Ya'll have so much hopes and aspirations every year. 'Oh we got Derrick Rose, oh we just got Joakim Noah.' Even though they're both, and Carmelo Anthony, friends of mine I just have no faith in the Knicks you know what I'm sayin? Ya'll are delusional, ya'll don't really see reality and ya'll look for stuff like 'is Porzingis gonna be the guy to take us to the promised land'. Maybe on day, but not tomorrow."
"With Phil bringing him [Porzingis] to the team it was a big, big uproar like 'why would you draft him, why would you get him?' And just for him to showcase his talent and get fans in The Garden- that's pretty dope. So let's leave it at that. Let's not get carried away, let's try to make it out the first round of the playoffs."
HNHH: Who's your NBA team then?
Cam: "My team is the Spurs. I don't fuck around. I like the Patriots, I like the Spurs, I'm with greatness you can call me whatever you want to call me. I'm not sittin around the for the struggle."
"To be honest, I started liking the Spurs because a guy from the Bronx named Rod Strickland played for the Spurs years ago. I also like the Spurs because of the black and grey, I used to like the Raiders because of the black and grey. So when he [Rod Strickland] went to the Spurs I was like I'm going to mess with the Spurs because I knew who Rod Strickland was."
HNHH: Any thoughts on the possible Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight?
Cam: "I'm always going to pick Floyd because Floyd hasn't lost yet and we talkin' about boxing. I would take Floyd Mayweather 100% because Floyd never loses and every person he fights it's 'Oh this person does this better, and this person does that better, and Pacquiao's faster, and Canelo does this and Shane Mosley does that.' And every time it's like basically an episode of Scooby-Doo where you know what's gonna happen at the end."
"The only reason I wouldn't recommend that fight is because I really believe if Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring I just believe he doesn't have boxing instincts. By the fourth round a kick would be thrown. They punch with their elbows, like I really could see that happening because he has UFC instincts, he doesn't have boxing instincts and if he gets in trouble he's gonna go to his instincts. So I wouldn't recommend that fight for him."