Cam'Ron is known primarily for his work in the early part of the 2000's, when he scored several big hits off of his Roc-A-Fella Records release Come Home With Me. With songs like "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma," the rapper solidified himself has one of the most bankable emcees of that brief era in the genre's history. However, before signing with Jay-Z's label, Cam'Ron had supposedly fallen on hard times, despite the fact that his 1998 debut album, Confession of Fire, was certified Gold by the RIAA. In a short interview clip that was shared by MReck TV, the rapper divulged some details about not only how poor he before Come Home With Me, but how he managed to momentarily lose a fat check that he really needed to cash.

"After two albums I was pop," he explained, meaning that he was flat broke for various reasons, including a gambling problem that he looks to have overcome in the years since. However, things weren't all bad, as an opportunity in Ohio (Cam doesn't specify exactly what it was) led to him getting a check for $10,000 from whoever was willing to pay him. Sadly, the emcee's slippery fingers nearly sent his world into a massive tailspin. "I was in front of Baseline [studios]. I lost the $10,000 check," he continued. "Yo, we in front of the studio, I'm dead pop, I just signed to Roc-A-Fella, but I'm dead pop. I done gambled, did all type of shit, I'm dead pop. I found [an] Ohio lick though, but I got a check out the blue for 10,000. I lost it."

Later on in the story, he admits that Freaky Zeeky, whom he was with at the time, luckily found the check pinned under a nearby car and the crisis was averted. Since that time, Cam'Ron seems to have put himself on far more solid financial ground, with Come Home With Me eventually earning him a Platinum plaque from the RIAA. One thing is for certain: whenever he's handed a check or probably any time of physical payment, his grip must be super tight.

Check out the full interview clip from MReck TV below.