As he prepares for the release of Purple Haze 2, Cam'ron continues to promote the album by sitting down for various interviews. The Dipset rapper recently chatted with ItsTheReal and shared that he isn't fully convinced that dinosaurs, or any bones found and displayed in museums, are real. The skeptic went on to explain what led him to his conclusions and stated it all seems as if its a money-making empire.

Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

"I have fights with people about dinosaurs and their existence all the time," the rapper said. "I'm not believing or disbelieving. It's like, no proof like, because they throw these big bones, pause, up in the museum and be like, 'Yo, these are the people that were here before us,' I mean." The hosts contended that those "bones" are the proof that Cam'ron is looking for and stated, "You're looking for the proof, that is the proof."

"So these bones, they're still strong enough to be put up in museums and they didn't crumble or anything like that?" Cam'ron asked. "I'm not necessarily going for that one. I'm not saying it didn't happen...I'm not going off museum facts." The rapper said that he'd "been to every museum when I was younger" and couldn't just believe that "they'd found all these bones and glued them together."

The confused, yet amused, hosts giggled at Cam'ron's explanation of his disapproval of what they considered to be factual historical evidence. The rapper added that he believes many of those "bones" are a product of "a money-making" scheme. "I need a little more proof, and I don't know what proof you can give me, but who found these bones? Pause."

He was told archaeologists and scientists were responsible and then asked where the money came from. The hosts told him archaeologists receive grants, to which Cam'ron became skeptical once again because they get paid. "I wish I could be an archaeologist and be like 'I found some sh*t.' I'd be at the beach every day like, 'Look what I discovered' and just make some sh*t up." Watch the clip below and check out a few reactions.