Naomi Osaka made headlines this past weekend for consoling a crying Coco Gauff after beating her in the third round of the US Open, but not enough credit was given to Cam'Ron for attempting to console Gauff through his TV. During the match on Saturday, Cam'Ron posted a series of Instagram stories in which he passionately provided commentary on the young women's performances. 

The matchup was such an enthralling one to watch because, after winning the 2018 US Open and the 2019 Australian Open, Osaka is currently ranked #1 in the world and Gauff is merely 15 years old. In his stories, Cam'Ron referred to Osaka as "the Asian black girl right here" (at one point erroneously saying "Chinese", despite a Japanese flag appearing next to her name in the score box) and to Gauff as "young world". Gauff's nickname was used endearingly, as Killa Cam cheered her on by shouting, "Let's go, young world! Don't cry, young world! Stay strong baby! You're 15! Don't feel bad!". His posts were punctuated by captions with exclamations written across them, like "Damn", "Osaka Dangerous" and "Nice". 

Of course, Cam's stories went viral after someone screen-recorded them and posted them on Twitter. Many people replying pointed out that he sounded oddly similar to Tracy Morgan, but the best comment has to go to: "DIP. SET. MATCH." Since so many people seemed to enjoy Cam'Ron's narration, it's likely he'll return to do it again. The Internet has that kind of power. Remembering when it succeeded in getting Snoop Dogg to narrate nature documentaries?