Cam'ron's social media pages are always a prime spot to go to when you're in need of a laugh. he typically handles most things that come his way with a touch of humor. Even when things are kind of serious, he'll still approach it in a humorous manner. Earlier today, Killa Cam hit the 'Gram for an inquiry only a coke addict could help him with.

Cam'ron posted a screenshot of a conversation he had with someone earlier today on Instagram. In the screenshot, he asks this anonymous woman whether she still does cocaine. "Hey Hun.. I'm good. I know this is random. But do u still do coke?" it read. The woman responded back saying she hasn't done the drug since she left New Jersey. However, it seems as if the reason he was asking was because he was looking for someone's expertise. "When u don't do coke. But have a cocaine question. Because some around u is acting cokish.. But u not sure," he captioned it followed with a thinking emoji.

Aside from his investigation into the behavior of a cocaine addict, Cam's been keeping busy. He and the Diplomats recently had their reunion show in November and he also just released his latest sneaker collaboration with Reebok. And of course, he had that short-lived beef with Ma$e at the tail end of November.

Check the IG post below: