Don't ever call Killa Cam an "old head," especially when you're mentioning the way he dresses. The Harlem legend wears many hats and his contributions to fashion have been just as impactful as it is to rap. Though the rapper is in his mid-40s, he makes a concerted effort to stay fresh on any occasion. 

A fan, unfortunately, didn't think his latest Dipset fit wasn't all that and slid into the comments to share her unwarranted opinion. "Old head swag," she commented underneath the photo, presumably in anticipation that it gets lost among the other comments. That was not the case. Cam'ron caught that comment and unleashed a scathing response.

"Now u want a job[.] I'm on ya page swag is the last thing u should be talking bout. U WHOLE BUM hun," he wrote. "And I'ma keep coming a that Lil ugly motherfucker. U like it on my page. U still here. Ur welcome to stay. I'll back wit after the game lol," he added. It seems that the initial comment was deleted, possibly due to the overwhelming amount of fans who likely bombed the comment section with "DIPSET." Luckily, 2Cool2Blog captured a screenshot of the exchange which you could check out below.

In other Cam'ron related news, the rapper revealed in recent months that there have been talks about a sequel to Paid In Full. Cam said that he's been talking to a friend of his who's currently running Dimensions Films about doing something similar to the first film. The pandemic has hit the film and television industry hard, halting production on several projects. The likelihood of this happening anytime in the next year seems incredibly slim.