Cam'ron was a member of a highly regarded rap group called Children of the Corn in the '90s. Another member of the group was Big L, the legendary emcee who was gunned down in 1999. His suspected killer, Gerald Woodley, was killed earlier this year in Harlem, and Cam'ron showed up to his funeral. Late last night, Killa Cam shared a new verse on Instagram in which he addresses Big L and his murderer:

“139 Park, we started off as children / Grew up with Big L, and the dude who supposedly killed him / A week before that, though, Big L had tried to kill him / What was he to do? / Please don't get in ya feelings. When the time’s right I will tell you about these villains / Now everybody dead, so it ain’t about squealing.” 

Watch Cam'ron's verse below.