Cam'ron's acting work isn't as extensive as his rap career but his role as Rico in Paid In Full has carried a legacy since the film's release in 2002. Though it didn't get the praise of critics at the time, it's a cult classic that pushed the world of hip-hop deeper into Hollywood. 

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

In a recent interview on Instagram Live, Cam'ron revealed that a sequel for the film has been in the talks for the past few months, though any plans to pursue Paid In Full 2 are still premature. He explained that a friend of his is currently running Dimensions Films, the studio that released Paid In Full, now that Harvey Weinstein isn't there any more. 

"These are conversations that we talked about in the last few months. Actually, a couple of hours ago or something we talked about pertaining Paid In Full 2. I don't want to say a hundred percent yes but we're definitely in the talks about doing something similar to Paid In Full one," he explained.

Though fans love Paid In Full, it seems to be a bit much for Cam sometimes who's still being referred to as Rico in the streets. Following the reveal that Tariq killed Ghost in Power, Michael Rainey Jr. revealed that he's received several death threats over his character. Cam chimed in shortly after revealing that it's been eighteen years and he's still being asked why he killed Mitch. Maybe a conclusive answer will be provided in Paid In Full 2