Excitement has been everywhere since Cam'Ron and Dipset finally reunited for their Rap Cavier's show in NYC. I mean, it's the legendary Dipset and both Jim Jones and Cam put their beef aside to join forces again. However, one particular rapper didn't seem to be game for it. Early this morning, Ma$e dropped his diss track toward Cam on his scathing "The Oracle." Of course, that would make headlines everywhere and considering it's been a minute since we heard Mase on a track, it was interesting that he came back in the game to get at Killa Cam's neck. However, Cam'Ron never being one to back down from confrontation decided to respond to Mase in the most Cam'Ron way possible.

Cam'ron hasn't really been one to utter threats publicly or anything like that unless necessary. However, Cam is definitely one of the best at roasting in the rap game. After hearing Mase's diss track towards him, Cam'Ron took to Instagram to post a picture of Pastor Mase holding a bible in front of the Roxy with the caption, "Good morning to u to betha...lol, Let's play nigga.." There's no saying what might end up happening in the beef but it could pretty much be assumed that there's definitely going to be one or two memorable hip hop beef moments throughout it all. 

Mase just jumped out of retirement to drop off a heavy diss track towards Cam. There beef has stemmed for quite some time at this point but kind of got revamped earlier this year when Cam went on Instagram live explaining why he thinks Mase turned to being an evangelic preacher. He made claims that Ma$e turned to religion to get away from the rap game and the street shit. However, Mase later responded to the claims saying that he should've chimed in while Cam was live and also saying, "One thing people can say is they know I’m not scared." 

Now that the rap beef is officially on, it may be one of the most entertaining ones of the year.