Following delays, Cam'ron's upcoming mixtape The Program has a new release date. The project was originally scheduled to be released in May, but is now pinned down for November 11th, according to an Instagram post from the Harlem rapper. 

The announcement comes along with a preview of a new track. The untitled snippet uses a very recognizable sample in Bill Withers' "Lean On Me." Earlier this year, Cam released "10,000 Miles," the first release from the mixtape, which also made use of a prominent sample, pulling the piano line from Vanessa Carlton's "1,000 Miles." He took a similar approach on "Dime After Dime," where he flipped Cyndi Lauper's -- you guessed it -- "Time After Time."

Later this month, Cam will take the stage with The Diplomats at Spotify's RapCaviar Live concert, which is set to take place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, Tuesday, November 21. A$AP Mob will also perform at the event, among others.

Cam'ron's long-awaited Killa Season 2 album is expected to follow The Program, though it does not yet have a release date. Cam hasn't released a proper studio album since 2009's Crime Pays. He has released a number of mixtapes and EPs in the interim, including his 6-volume First Of The Month series in 2014, and the Contraband EP with Berner in 2015.

In June, Cam spoke to Noisey about his infamous 2003 interview with Bill O'Reilly, within the conversation, he revealed that his oft-quoted "I got dirt on you, Doggy," response was actually in reference to sexual assault allegations leveled against O'Reilly. Allegations of this nature cost O'Reilly his job at CNN earlier this year. "As far as all of the sexual allegations—before I went up there, what I did was my publicist had told me about a lot of that stuff, but instead of being serious with him, we had so much fun clowning him that it just turned into a roast session and we just started laughing at him," said Cam. "I had a good time when I did it because I didn't really know the background of him at that particular time. Like I said, I probably was prepped an hour before I went to the show. It was more funny than anything else. But you know, sexual assault really isn't funny, so if he really did those things, then it's good that Fox got rid of him."