Yesterday afternoon in Harlem, Reebok Classic visited the iconic Rucker Park for the Entertainment Basketball Classic to launch the Question Mid "EBC" and "A5" sneakers as part of the iconic Question Mid’s 20th anniversary this year. 

Harlem's own, Cam’ron was on site to support the Question Mid "EBC", which was inspired by Allen Iverson’s first appearance at Rucker Park in 1996. 

Jadakiss was also on-site supporting the new Question Mid A5 sneaker, which was inspired by the original Answer V sneaker in 2001 where Jadakiss starred in the now famous Reebok commercial in 2001 when he rapped alongside Allen Iverson.

Cam’ron and Jadakiss met with a crowd of fans on site and watched the All-Star EBC game from the sidelines where one team wore the "A5" Questions and the other wore the "EBC" joints.

The "EBC" Question Mid launches today at retailers nationwide and the "A5" Question Mid will launch next Friday, August 15th.