Camila Cabello's self-titled album debut has seen major success in 100 countries as it landed at number one on the iTunes global charts. Her 10-track project only boasted one feature from Young Thug on the very popular single "Havana."

The 20-year-old paid a visit to the Ellen Degeneres Show recently where she chatted about Barack Obama citing her single as one of his favourites of the year, fans doing covers of her tracks and even talked about her New Year's Eve performance, where she explained how she put heat warmers "down there."

Camila told the audience there was a "-100" wind chill when she was set to perform New York, but Ellen clarified it was probably -34. "I had hand warmers, and I put them - I was wearing two layers of clothing or like three layers of clothing cuz, okay, I'm from Miami I can't do the -30, -100 whatever," she said. "So I put them everywhere, and I put them, ugh....right here" she added while pointing to her private area. Watch below.

Along with her interview with the talk show host, Camila also gave a charming performance of her "Havana" single that began backstage and ended in front of the live audience.