Cam'ron visited The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 in his native New York to promote his new mixtape Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. While at the show he reminisced on past history and beefs with Jay Z and Ma$e, his affinity for wearing pink and how that all started, as well as upcoming projects he's working on including a series called "First of the Month."

Cam'ron spoke on his beef with Jay Z yesterday, revealing Hov won't allow Dipset music in the 40/40 Club. Cam said he has no problems with Jay, and in today's interview discusses the origins of their beef.

Cam'ron says it all started once he got signed to Roc-A-Fella back in the day. "Basically when I got over there [Roc-A-Fella] 'cause Dame did a favor for me, 'cause I was at a bad deal with Sony and he did a favor bringing me over there," Killa explained. "So when I got there, I went over there very polite 'cause they already had their situation established. So, I see Jay at the studio and I'll be like, you know, let's do a song, let's do this, and he'll just look at me like [nods head], just like that. So I'm like, alllllright. We just started heatin' up. He just like put himself on a couple records and I wasn't feeling what he did so I took him off the song. I wasn't feeling the verse, and I'm not dissing him, I like Jay's music I just wasn't feeling his verse, I'm not gunna lie. It really went south, he went somewhere or something and Dame offered me the job to be like Vice-President. He made me an offer and Jay Z probably felt they didn't consult with him and everything kinda went south from there." 

Cam went on to discuss his relationship with Ma$e, whom he says he hasn't spoken to in about three or four years.

The Harlem rapper is known for his pink attire, which was a trend he started and has since resulted in his face appearing on a bunch of different clothing items, from socks to t-shirts. Cam explained the moment he was first inspired to rock a pink mink with the Breakfast cew.

"To be honest, all the stuff, even now that's coming out, I didn't really plan to do it, I just always try to be different," Cam said. "It's like, I got all my jewelry in a box in the house, I refuse to wear more than one chain because everybody now is wearing 3, 4, or 5 chains, I just try to do what's different. The pink thing happened, basically Dame was going to Fashion Week a lot at the time, and I'm like, 'I need to stand out, it's Fashion Week.' And I wore the pink mink there, and had everything pink and it just started going crazy, and I'm like, 'I'm gunna run with this.' Even people were calling me like, 'what's next year's color?'"

Finally the rapper spoke on an upcoming series he'll be launching in January which consists of mini-episodes and music.

"I'm shooting a series called "First of the Month." 'Cause so many people are like, 'when's Killa Season 2 coming out?' And to shoot six thirty-minute episode would cost me the same amount of money as to shoot a movie. So what I'm doing now is I'ma put out 20-25 minute episode every month, on the first of the month, and put out music with it, 5 or 6 songs, every month from January to June. So if it pans out good we'll continue to do that so you don't have to worry 'bout 'when's the next movie or when you puttin' out more music?'" 

Cam's full interview with The Breakfast Club is about an hour, watch it in two parts below.