Cam’ron is currently out on a promo run for his recently-released project The Program, which just dropped last week, and on Tuesday the former Dipset rapper decided to pa ya visit by ESPN’s Highly Questionable for a hilarious  2-part interview.

Chopping it up for over 7 minutes, Cam’ron talked about some of his best acomplishment, which were getting his mother out of the ghetto & graduating college, before he went on to talk about Floyd Mayweather. But one of the best topics from Cam’ron ESPN interview was when host Dan LeBatard asked Cam’ron what his favorite rap beef of all time was, which Cam’ron said would be Jay Z & Nas.

Jay Z & Nas is probably my favorite rap beef because Nas was kinda quiet fora while. For a couple years Nas was kinda quiet, and Jay Z was elevating that particular time and everybody thought Nas was out. Jay Z had did a diss record towards Nas, I don't know why.. the reason for him doing. He did a diss record towards an everybody was like Nas really gone. Then Nas came out the blue with a song called “Ether” and it was like ‘wow Nas is not gone'."

"People probably have different opinions on won that battle, but that was probably the best battle I seen cause it was really intense. It was all based out of New York,” he added before going onto say that he thought Nas won the battle lyrically but Jay Z won the war.

Due to his past history with both Nas & Hov, Cam’ron made sure to clear the air that there was no disrespect being dished around, and it was just his opinion. “No disrespect to either one of these guys. Cause I have no problem with these guys now. Because I had past previous beef with these guys. I have no beef with them now, but just giving my opinion,” Cam’ron said.

The interview, which will see a part 2 on Wednesday’s show, surfaces online just hours after Cam’ron announced his new sneaker collar with Reebok and its details (see here).

Check out Cam’ron’s always entertaining interview on Highly Questionable (below).