It appears Cam’ron had a little story to tell recently, and he chose to do so in the matter of an acapella freestyle while sitting in the backseat of a car.

Taking to his Youtube channel yesterday, Cam’ron decided to upload a video of him freestyling about a dipset documentary that he ultimately turned down due to some shady business practices by this woman. He would go on to address the importance of ownership & not letting others eat off your name.

“Now I usually move independently but this could be the move of the century/ She say yeah, we’ll give you an advance & percentage once we license it/ Here we go, she think Im slow look Ms. don’t try this shit/ She said ‘what?”, I said the  conniving shit,” Cam’ron spits.

“A movie called Dipset, that ain’t gon’ cut it/ How you gon’ give me a cut off of my shit? She speaking corporate but talking fly shit,” he continued.

Check out the story & witty freestyle for yourself (below).