Cam'ron recently spoke with MTV News about his upcomingFirst Of The Month series which is finally receiving a roll out this summer. The extended series will see Killa Cam dropping new music on, you guessed it, the first of the month, along with visuals as well.

Explaining the concept to MTV, Cam says, "The first one is July 1 for the visual, July 3 for the music and we’ll put it out — the visual — every first of the month. So, August 1 will be another visual, September 1. And then, whatever the first Tuesday is of every month, we’ll be doing the music, as well."

As for who we can expect to hear on the project, Cam'ron lists those he's nabbed so far. "The people that’s gonna be on this project is Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Estelle and Gunplay, so far," the New York native says.

Each EP is set to contain five to six records, and will be available for digital purchase via Empire Distribution.

Watch the video interview below.