Yesterday we heard Cam'ron's first collaboration with Nicki Minaj since Roman Reloaded highlight, "I Am Your Leader". Despite being a re-hashed version of a previously released song from 2012, it was great to here the two eccentric rappers on a track once again.

"So Bad" will land on the second installment in Cam'ron's ongoing 1st Of The Month EP series, which will appropriately drop at the top of August. Cam has now revealed the full tracklist and artwork for the project, which will also feature Rod Rhapsy, and original Dipset members, Jim Jones and Hell Rell.

Check out the full list of songs below, and the cover art in the gallery above. 

01. Sweetest (ft. Rod Rhaspy)
02. Lala
03. Soulplane
04. So Bad (ft. Nicki Minaj & Yummy)
05. C.F.W.U. (Cantfuckwithus) (ft. Jim Jones & Hell Rell)