Nick Cannon is known to be a bit corny at times, although he always manages to take it to new levels and surprise us. Case-in-point: he's got an album coming out called White People Party Music, he actually donned White Face in promotion of it, and he released a song called "Pajama Pants." More recently, he decided to dye his hair all-over cheetah print, and was booed at during a Knicks & Nets game at Madison Square Garden five days ago.

Cam'ron has finally decided to take the matter of Nick Cannon into his own hands, hilariously posting a message on his Instagram that reads "Emergency black ppl meeting at 8 AM tomorrow morning to discuss removing Nick Cannon" with an image of Nick and his recently-dyed cheetah hair. He captioned the post "8 AM sharp.." so as to make sure everyone would be on time. Killa Cam is definitely a funny dude, so we wouldn't take this diss too seriously.

Check out the image in the gallery above. What's your stance on Nick Cannon? Corny or nah?

[via Complex]

[UPDATE: Nick Cannon Responds To Cam'ron's Jabs, Cam Responds Too]

So here's a quick update on the Instagram post Killa Cam did last week, calling for an "emergency black ppl meeting at 8 AM" in order to discuss removing Nick Cannon. Mariah Carey's hubby didn't miss the shot, and took to his own IG account to laugh it off (?or something), with a post of Cam'ron in his pink fur and the caption "#Wildnout I love this shit #SuperFresh #ncredible."

This too, didn't go unnoticed by the man in pink, who returned to post a screenshot of Nick's image along with one of him and Mariah on stage together, captioning it (hilariously, yet again), "Thx nick!!! I'm glad da whole family digs my aura..."

See the two Instagram exchanges in the gallery above.