Cam'ron is making a bit of a comeback this year. We've already heard a pretty awesome collaboration between him and A-Trak, and we'll be getting an EP from the duo later this year.

He's also getting involved in the fashion game. Never one to shy away from some pretty flamboyant looks, Cam has revealed a new line of capes.

Cam covers all of this and more in his new interview with Mass Appeal. Read some excerpts from the sit down below.

On his upcoming musical output: Music has changed and it’s always fun, but I like to make money while I’m making music, so I just had to figure out a new strategy. Things are changing and if you don’t change with the times you gon get stuck in the past. I’ve been working on this thing called “The First of the Month.” I’m putting out an EP every month with a 30-minute episode so you’re not waiting a year or more for the next album.

On Capes: I didn’t do it to prove a point or for anybody to start wearing it. Same with the pink thing, I just did it cause I didn’t want to go to the club and look like nobody and I knew nobody was going to question me about it, if they did, they didn’t do it to my face. Same thing with the capes; if the girls like it, I think it’s cool. I didn’t put capes on so everybody can be wearin’ capes, I’m wearin’ capes so I don’t have to be lookin’ like everybody. But if it turns into a business, we’ll see what happens.

On Dipset: We all cool. The thing about Dipset, it ain’t just music, it’s a lifestyle. Do what we want, when we want, that’s what diplomats do, so that’s why we named it Diplomats. We all in a good space, we mad cool. Juelz was over the other day for his birthday, I spoke to Jim yesterday. It’s just that we all busy, and for us to do music, we have to chill and be in the same room cause it would be fake if we didn’t. I could send this person a song if we wanted it to be like microwave rap, then cool. We’d rather have our shit sit in the oven and get cooked for the two, three hours the way it should be. But everybody’s in a good space.