Cam'ron has had something on the back burner for quite some time, his First of the Month EPs and accompanying web series. While the rapper has been busy working on his line of capes with Mark McNairy, plus his joint project with A-Trak, fans have been steadily waiting on Killa Cam's First of the Month EPs.

Speaking to HipHopWired, Cam revealed that the First of the Month series will finally see a roll out this summer. "The First of the Month project that you're referring to, the first EP and series comes out June 3rd," the New York rapper explained. "We just did a digital deal with a company called Empire, so it'll be released digitally -- five songs per month for six months starting June 3rd and a 30-minute episode." 

Cam confirmed that his joint EP with A-Trak is also on the way, but without a release date yet. "As for as the A-Trak project, it's pretty much done, but we don't have a date for it." Cam also has a joint effort with fellow New York native Smoke DZA in the works, so stay tuned for plenty more from Cam this summer. Killa Season may be in effect.