Cam Newton is reportedly being sued for $270,324.47 (plus legal fees for damage and lost rent) for allegedly trashing an $11 million Beverly Hills mansion that he rented during the offseason . 

According to TMZ, the Panthers QB paid $123,000 to rent the pad for 61 days and agreed to never have any parties, or anymore than eight guests for that matter. However, the house keeper alerted the rental company that Cam and co. "threw crazy parties," broke an expensive fridge, caused water damage to the floors, ruined linens and destroyed a fancy $32,000 rug. 

Jared Pobre, the manager of the luxury home rental company, alleges that Cam never paid the $90,324.47 in damages and repairs took more than two months to complete so now he wants an additional $180,000 to cover the lost rent.

Not to mention, Newton and the Panthers are off to a sluggish 1-3 start to the season.